11 July 2018
I know am about a month late to write about my visit to this wonderful event, but it just has been a really busy time as straight after the seminar I went for a trip with one of my boys, so I had to do a bit of a catching up. I was so excited to go to this event, and I must say it was really an amazing experience to meet so many doll makers and doll enthusiasts and talk about dollies for days.


I attended a workshop with Meglena for most of the seminar. She is a lady of lots of talents, and we have all learned a lot from her. The workshop was very intense. You can imagine.


We were aiming to finish a little 12" art doll in just two days. But Meglena was prepared, and presewn the bodies for us, and also had some lovely outfits for our dollies to wear once they were ready.




The second day we had worked from 8 in the morning till 9 in the evening, but most of us managed to finish our dolly.






The next day I only did a small workshop with Agnieszka, which was about hair embroidery.

I am looking forward to making a hair with embroidery for one of my baby Waldorf dolls.




There were many well-known doll makers there, who were all extremely helpful and happy to share their experience with us.


An event that I will not forget!! (:

Some of the ready dolls!


My little girl, Molly.



Welcome to my new website! 

April 2018

Spring is here, it is time for a new start. This year I am planning to create dolls in a slightly different way. 


My plan is to take much fewer orders to allow some time to do some more creative work. 

The last couple of years there have been so many new ideas I would have liked to make, to try out, but never had the time for it, so I have decided to let myself indulge and get creative.

I am so much looking forward to making my ideas alive.

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