Waldorf Dolls on Scam Websites
Many scam websites are offering Waldorf Dolls. 
The scammers have stolen photos of various doll artists.You find my dolls on some of their sites too. I only sell dolls on this website.
If you buy a doll through the scam sites, you will either get a cheap doll, or nothing.
Be careful, do not buy from them!
Waldorf dolls are natural hand made dolls. They take a long time to create, so they are not cheap dolls. Normally children who have these dolls would only
have a couple of dolls. Not many in any case.These dolls also need special care, as they are fabric dolls, filled with wool. The hair is often made of Wool
yarn, that can get tangled up, and felted if not looked after.
If you have already purchased a doll from them, file a claim with Paypal or your Bank. You have buyers protection.
If PayPal is refusing to refund you, please go to this page HERE
 If Paypal asks you to send the doll you have received back to the seller , call their customer service at Paypal and tell them that what you
received was "worthless merchandise" That's the term they need to hear in order to give you a full refund. This seem to have worked for most of the people.
Please report them on ScamAdviser HERE and leave a negative review on Trustpilot HERE
ScamAlert Global has started a petition to help the fight against them. Please sign the petition HERE !!


This video HERE might help you to identify the scam websites, there are more videos and information about Kokoerp scam network on youtube if you search.
The TIME MAGAZINE has published an article about the increasing problems about scammers, and the cause of it. You can read it HERE.
Here is the list of names of Scam Websites that had or have Waldorf dolls on them. We have found ove a 100 websites like this,
but the organisation has possibly many tousands websites.
Acrismilko, acoisini, ahlsen, Ailifine, Aillys, Alsodreams, Amanohina, Anitantnals, Anewsshop, anniversary1022.live, aserein, ASKTWOSHOP
Barbiecity, Bazinga19, Beautybuy6, Bell shop, Bergkli, Bestcenterty, Betofirst, Bluepear, Bonniing, Breosy, Bridfeather, Brownsloth, Bunaa.shop, Buymybestitem
Cescsty, CDYOU, Colorfuljell, Comdybaby, Cornucopia, Crismeko
Deloken, Demainbuy, Dolls house, Doll Story, Doptimals, dreambuy
Eastmanstuff, Edison-toy, EMMA REALISTIC TOYS, Enrapturedjoy2, Evensshoe, Everlost
FACADSHOP, Fallingthing, Floweracup, Foforlove, Fivebbuy, Fremefashion, Fashonstation, Fabricofstyle, Foforlove, Foundationwu, Funnyshop, Funnystuffshop
Getbesthing, GIFECO, Gifnme, Giftgogogo, Goodingoods1, Goldwynperson, Grozal
Happykomi, Harokytoyy, Harson, Henrypan, Hotbuybuy, Hoxili, Hunnshine
Ianmuxy, Idolls, Illuastory
Jasterrify, Joymario
Kimiss, Kiwiwee, kokoerp
Lilbaby, Lilysdealshop, Lassete, Loss doll, Louissworld, Lovelydolls, loveumoreyy, Luannaweb
Malory, Margomargot, Melonstory, Memorial Store, Michrash, Millies, Milliesing, Mimgo Dolls, mimgo.shop, Momohere, Moonbirdee, Multifinrsale, Mushroomstreet
Nishaisgood, Noodless, Nostalgie
Omglionkk, Openair
PEPERUDAS, Plumseashop, Prosewin
Rainbowwow, Raphgoods, Remarop, Robotd, Realisticpetstoys, REALISTICTOYBY EMMA, Ralphgoods, Ranneshow, Redflowere, Rosemarytop
SEPSHOE, Simmelle, scocoshop, Springpande, Startfitnesscc, Successories, Sun-nee.shop, Supercutertealistictoys,
Superideashop, Superwaterhero, Susanwardrobe, Swordshrill
Tendresse, Thinktop, Thinktopshop, Tinygoody, Toyhome
Vipshopa, Vivadary, Viviannan, Vonluxe, Vvlom
Waldorf Shop, Warmnesty, Waterboomm, Weweyouyy, Winnerbuy, WINTERONSHOP, Windtoshop,Wonderfulmatest
Yisterday, Yougskr1, Yydj
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This contest belongs to Waldorfdollshop https://www.waldorfdollshop.co.uk
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This contest belongs to Waldorfdollshop https://www.waldorfdollshop.co.uk