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Nile and Coral, 10"/ 25cm Waldorf Inspired Dolls



I have made one 10" blank doll a couple of months ago, but somehow as I was bringing her alive, I just had this strong feeling that there meant to be a boy with her. So this is how I ended up making a pair of dolls. 

Once they were ready, it was time for a bit of an adventure.

It is a very special time of the year here in the UK, when the bluebells cover the woods, so I took them out to check it out. These two have enjoyed every minute of the walk. They kept skipping about, and climbing trees. Coral had to take off her white knitted tunic, partly because she was getting too warm in it, and also we got a bit concerned that it might get dirty. Nile got very brave, but we thought that it will do good for him to get adventurous, as he can be a bit shy at times. However, Coral always made sure that he kept safe.

These two little rascals had the best time ever.


Coral and Nile have been created using natural material. They are 10"/25cm tall. For they hair I used mohair wigs.

For their skin I used Laib Yala doll Yersey in a pale skin tone. They are filled with pure wool. Their eyes have been carefully embroidered. They have little freckles.

Nile's jumper has been hand knitted using lovely, soft alpaca yarn. He has corduriod trousers, which are a new design with pockets on the sides. He will be travelling with a pair of socks, underwear and leather shoes too. For his shoes I used a thin, soft leather, that shapes to the shape of his feet. It is a bit fiddly to put them on,as they are soft and quite small, so little hands might find it a bit difficult.

Coral has a lovely soft hand knitted mohair tunic dress, a pinafore dress that can be worn with the tunic or on its own. She has a hand knitted Mary Jane style shoes with leather strap, and sweet little underpants.

I have tried a few hair styles for her, but at the end, we have settled with the hair band.

If you wish to see more images of them, please visit my Flickr page HERE


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question!

Thank you!


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